Sunday, March 15, 2015

AdeptiCon 2015 Terrain packing up part 3

        After a weekend to visit family. There are only 3 nights left to pack up. And still so much to do.

     The GW ruins. Better than the card board box they were originally stored in. Only 3 were damaged. The new box is a work in progress. It needs a more secure layered storage. But no time for that business now.

       I bought the lot as is years ago. They are nice and mounted on plywood. But all grey. I need to revisit them one week. Pick out some details. Make them fancy!
      The damaged 3. One bent wall. Two with pieces busted off.
     Bonus. New fancy painting stool. Love it when friends move and don't want shit! Maybe now my ass won't get so sore painting for hours.

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