Thursday, March 12, 2015

AdeptiCon 2015 Push to the finish part 2

Imperial Fists (NetEA V1.1 - Developmental) 3000 POINTS

1 Fellblade   
1 Fellblade   
VINDICATOR [225] One more Vinnie and Basing
PREDATORS [250]   
4 Destructor
4 Annihilator, Hunter  One more pred and Basing
5 Land speeder
4 Devastator units plus transport, 2 Land Raider Achilles, Supreme Commander plus Basing
SCOUTS [200]
4 Scout units plus transport, 2 Razorback HB
6 Tactical units plus transport

     With under 7 days to go. A working single dad with little time. There will be some late nights. I still need to bang out the Pred and Vinnie. The both Fell Blades needs to be highlighted. All the armor has been attached to a base and flocked. Paint the base edges and a final seal coat.
     This was the first army ever painted for my return to epic. Some units were recovered from past run ins with Epic, in all the ancient editions. It needs up dating. I may try and pick out some details in black and red. Just to break up the yellow and tie the army together.

     Then there is the packing. I am bring most the terrain. The GW ruins, my desert table, the forest and hills, the river, and all the FW buildings. The GW ruin and desert stuff will most likely support two tables each.
     Lastly will be the girl and dog. I will drop them off on my way. And my army, prize support, cooler, beer, and cloths.

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