Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Force on Force

         These are 20mm plastics from Caesar Miniatures. Painting these soft plastics is a PIA. I wash them in purple power to free up the mold release on them. I don't clean the mold lines as Force on Force is a drinking and shit talking game for us. Just about all of them get super glued to a nickle and wall spackle is use to smooth out the difference between the nickle, the base the dude is on and his feet. After that they get a very light uneven shot of white primer. I go uneven and light as the plastic is flexible and will fall off before they get dip when handled too much.
          I got the skinnies all blocked in. They look like crap now, but a swim in Army Painter's quick dip and they will be mint. The dip does two things. One it seals and keeps the paint on the other is that the painting process is faster.
         Child soldiers, messed up huh? But it is true. You could not pass a day without seeing one and 9 times out of 10, he was high.
         Why does not one single skinny wear flip flops? That is all those bastards wore when I was there, tactical flip flops!

Basing is tomorrow night.

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