Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back from the land of 2 year olds

          The wife's collar bone is healing. All this means I am no longer chasing my two year old all over the place. She has a touching problem. Any thing that is not hers or may cause injury, she has a need to touch. I am proud that after roughly a month I have not killed either mom or daughter.

Epic Space Wolves Terminators

          Finally I was able to get back to painting. The first thing up was some Space Wolves Epic Terminators I agreed to paint.
          This detachment is a mixature of forumware, GW metal termies/characters and the classic plastic GW termies. The Space wolves chapter badge was painted, but I did not paint the great company badge on this detachment.

          The second detachment was done as Brad Redmaw's Great Company. The Redmaw Wolf's head and Space Wolves chapter badge were done.

 Epic Blood Angel Termies and Dreads
          These dudes are about done. I should be finishing them up tonight. The hazard stripes on the power fists and the helmets are all that is left.
          I tried a BS assault cannon conversion. By chopping off the front of a couple of storm bolters and adding a plastic rod for the assault cannons.

          I am slowly filling out the armor for the BAs. I am trying to get all older versions of the tanks. These have only been blocked in.
          Green stuff blood drops have been added to the doors and other places of interest.

Force on Force

          With my A.D.D. kicking in at full speed. I finish up 2 US troops in the 3 color DCUs and a pile of barricades.The sand bags I am not feeling so much. I think a few should be done field green or black.

          I also based up a bunch of skinnies to get smoked.

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