Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Force on Force SF operators

          Now that the weather is nice and the yard is dry, I no time to paint. Owning a house blows, having a large yard blows. What little time I got to paint over the past week has gotten me no where. The M&T zero progress, Zombie minis zero, and with all the terrain in the bank just one piece was finished.

         I was able to push thru a 20mm Elhiem SOF fire team and two Johansen weapons crews. They all need to be flocked. Sorry for the piss poor pictures.
      Very happy with the way the mole gear turned out. I have them in RIVRON flight suits, but maybe a digi camo would be cooler.

      Based on FOW large bases. These are the last of my colorful foreign insurgents. Next up will be afghan foreign fighters.

          The ADK late fall theme continues with my M&T terrain. This time a different supplier's snow was used. Also I did the snow by the directions. It looks too fresh. I will be returning to my old ways.


  1. hey men very nice SEALS they look great ,, can you post a painting tutorial ,,colors ,technic,,etc,,,,? CONGRATULATIONS VERY NICE MINIS.

  2. When I get some 20mm back on the painting table, I will try and take shots as I go along.

    In the mean time;
    Iraq sand was used for the flight suits
    English brown for the equipment
    Foundry Prussian blue 66A for the weapons

    I use a wet palette and keep the paint diluted. After blocking in the colors, I brush on Army painter's dark tone dip. The dip is then collect from the mini with another brush. Leave just enough on the minis so that there is no pooling or dip collecting any where. Spray matte, base and done