Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reenactment at Fort Ticonderoga

           Beth and the friends of Fort Ti put on the 2nd annual Battle of the Snowshoes. There was little snow east of 87N. The weather was perfect. Around 35F, the same as the actual battle and there was little snow in the air.
           Jack the sailor and myself got there when they opened at 10am. Ten bucks a pop, but the fort is a non profit so it all gets taken off on the taxes. They had about 20 visitors. At 2pm when the shooting started there was around 50.
  • The initial guide tour was leak. The Fort was well staffed, with at least two people per area to answer any questions.
  • The art display of the fort's history was very interesting. There were actual pictures from prior to and during the reconstruction by the Pells. So of their family photos were up also. 
  • After that you had some free time to visit the camps. The French stayed over night in the officer's barracks and the rangers bedded down on the fort ground that night. They said it was a rough and very cold night. I found the lad playing a Ranger officer to be an amazing subject matter expert. 
  • Beth was floating around answering question and speaking about upcoming projects and event for this summer. 
  • The Indians had an extensive display of period items. There was 4 or 5 of them answering question. Plus the french's blacksmith was on hand speaking about the metal and the different tomahawks on display from the forts collection.

          The shooting started on time. Most the rangers were played by fort staff. Most of the French and all the Indians came in for the event. BZ to all involved. It was well worth the 6 hour round trip.

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