Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Plans and Dreams

          Not in any order, but this is what I hope to finish. I also have 3 commissions booked. All Epic; one city table and buildings, an IG army, and a Titan army. 

Epic city table
     Everything is sitting waiting for me.

Force on Force
     Finish up the skinnies, civilians, trucks, and update my GIs. I just need to find a little bird, another black hawk, and some more technicals.

    I got some 28mm Indians long ago. Dad grabbed me a copy of Muskets and Tomhawks for Xmas. So I got start that up.

40K and Forge World 
    Sell off the rest of my FW left overs/dreams and my 2 IG and 1 SM armies.

Cathagaginian army
    I got to finish this army up. I got side tracked doing commissions.

Refurbish my gaming tables
   I got two GW tables I need to make more historical looking.

Clean out my cave
   There is crap piled up on every shelf ass deep to a tall Indian. I need to sell off everything that has been untouched since the move. And origanize!!!!!

Fire and Fury
   Start plugging away at the 15mm ACW mother load

Attend all 3 HMGS Historicons and play a but ton of games.

Stay well away from ebay. I snatched up so much bullshit this year it hurts.

Sucker in two more fool to game with. Larry and Jack you are in my sights.

Make the Thursday night gaming a weekly happening.

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